Spark Project


We spark purpose-driven and sustainable positive impact, quickly.

Using a range of media formats, speaking, leadership development, brand partnership, movement building activities and market/community engagement, Spark delivers on purpose.

Not just media and buzz, but direct growth and tangible wins to create velocity for solutions that will make a difference in the world. We support positive ESG values and build meaningful influence to spark constructive change. 

About Us

Its not about us, its about you. We are here to find and help ignite your spark and build communities to support passion and purpose. We’ve gotten this far from the energy of inspired people, reflecting on how you’re using your time, challenging yourself to live powerfully, caring about stories that bring us to life.

Our small and growing team is just the nucleus, a starting point for the vision, a spark to start the fire.. How can you help? How would you like to participate? Let us know!

How To Get Involved

With so many sparks and so many ways to make a difference, bring us your passion! You can get involved by sharing your story, bringing the Project into your organization, partnering with us to expand and amplify the message, tools and community that spark purpose. Let us know your passion and ideas, we’ll find a place to cast your spark…