Steve Furman

Steven Furman was the president of Humanetic Consulting Services, Inc. (,
1989 until 2021. 

He was the inspiration for Spark Purpose and the first Spark Story – 6198.  Steve worked extensively in business and human performance optimization, throughout his life, making a difference in the lives of others. His work included management consulting and strategic planning, business and cultural integrations, coaching C-level executives and their leadership teams at both middle-market and multinational companies. 

On February 27th, 2021, Steve passed away after a long battle with cancer. His work, story and virtues live on in those lucky enough to have been his friends, clients, colleagues and fellow explorers – and through the work of Spark Purpose and the film, 6198.

Brad Stevenson

Since 2006, Brad has been the CEO of Aligned Insight, Inc., now a Public Benefit Corporation, focused on building triple bottom line (3BL) businesses and helping other organizations develop and execute purpose-driven market strategies to achieve 3BL results.  A Boston Consulting Group alum, he brings 20+ years of advisory, hands-on leadership and direct business development and partnership experience with clients, his own entrepreneurial ventures and leadership of going concerns. His track record of success spans large corporate clients such as UnitedHealth Group and Bank of the West, to non-profits, government and early stage startups.

For over 25 years, Steve and Brad were close friends, business partners and co-explorers of remote places.

Brad carries on the work and mission of Spark Purpose and Humanetic.